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About Phases Support

We know that today’s workforce needs to be agile in an increasingly globalised economy. Organisations are looking to reduce costs in recruiting staff and often rapidly need Secretarial/ PA / Team assistants / VA’s / EA’S and other Administrative personnel to fill in gaps. Conversely, job seekers are also looking for opportunities that fit with a more balanced work-life equation and now there are so many more opportunities out there from the traditional roles such as working as a contractor or Virtual Assistant.
Phases Support recognises this and offers an effective recruitment solution for a flexible workforce. But not only that, it also provides quality personnel for quality organisations.
We realise the traditional way of sourcing Sequential, PA, EA, VA, team assistants, office managers and other support role’s is broken. Employers waste their time through traditional recruitment agencies and paying fees for candidate CVs, not to mention the time wasted going backwards and forwards between the agency’s and candidate. Even if you use a simple job board and cut out the middle man you still have the annoying factor of your inbox being filled with piles of unqualified or irrelevant CV’s. As for the Candidates they spend their day joining agency after agency and waiting on the agencies to get back to them and then going through job boards hoping to receive a reply and having there inox bombarded with the jobs they have applied for.
So, what do we do to make life simple for the Company and the Candidate Its simple:


  • Only one fee

  • No hidden charges

  • Create one simple account

  • Easy to use

  • Everything is on the Portal so your inbox is not bombarded with emails

  • Post jobs in minutes

  • Get matched with the best candidates


  • Create one simple profile

  • All profiles are only held on our system for 3 months so no need to worry about your data being compromised

  • Apply for jobs direct with the company

  • Organise interviews through our portal

  • Manage all your applications via our portal

  • For Contractors/ freelancers negotiate your rate direct so no fees are paid to the middle one

  • You won’t have to go to any agency to register

We source high quality Administration and Secretarial staff across all seniority levels and connect recruiting organisations to personnel.
Our unique selling point is that organisations do not have to pay commission for accessing a wide talent pool of Administrative and Secretarial staff. We offer tips for both companies and organisations on how they can make the process more efficient.

Questions you may be asking

A: We filter out the right candidates with our algorithm so the only CV’s you will receive are those that match your job spec. We are a niche website that only works with support staff unlike Reed, Monster, Totaljobs etc. that have a wider range of jobs available

No everything is done on the portal – once you have posted your job spec you will receive a weekly email to let you know how many new applicants have applied – that’s it. Then it’s up to you to log into the portal and get in touch with the candidat

Yes, you can, when joining an agency, the candidates take in their passport to show their proof to work in the UK. Why pay an agency to do this when you can ask the candidate to bring in the information direct to you. We encourage our candidates to have their references details on the website with their CV to save time for both parties. The more information the candidate can provide the better for the organisation.