Our Origins

The Team

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    Seema Pabila

    Founder and CEO

Seema Pabila

Innovative, full of wild ideas, nuts about traveling, London girl at heart, crazy about changing the HR industry and making a mark for herself…

Seema Pabila has worked from the age of 17 and has over 15 years’ experience working in the support staff industry, you name it she has done it; customer service assistant, receptionist, team assistant, secretary, office manager, data collector and many more. As for Industry’s let’s just say they are all covered from Leisure & Tourism to Investment Banking, even the Charity sector. She has over 10 years’ experience at Rothschild, her portfolio also consists of Credit Suisse, Clayton Dubilier & Rice, Virgin Trains, Premier Travel Inn and some smaller organisations such as PMETB, Perfect Eye Ltd

In 2017 she took 5 months off to volunteer at an Asian Women’s Resource centre and Every Parent & Child where she currently serves on the board of trustees. Now working as a contractor on smaller projects in both the Medical and Financial sectors.

Seema has a passion for advancing her skills, believes in learning, so in her crazy career ladder, she found time to study and obtained her certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling from Regents University. Her CIPD Level 7 certificate in Human Resources and is accredited with title of Assoc CIPD, has Prince2 Foundation certificate and an Honours degree in Human Resource Management. She is a member of professional bodies the CIPD and BCS.

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    Reshmi Meyer

    Communications Officer

Reshmi Meyer

Full time mum, career women, full of charm and charisma with an abundance of experience working around the world.

Reshmi has over a decade of experience in creating and implementing strategic marketing and communications. She has worked at the United Nations in Switzerland, in India and London and has also worked as a Consultant on numerous international development projects.  She also previously served on the Board of Trustees for the SHARAN Project.

Reshmi has an MSC in International Politics and a BA in History and Politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Our Story

Random big Ideas while sitting on the train

“In London we use a lot of trains it’s our daily commute in and out and train delays is a norm so you get a lot of time to think and imagine…”

Seema had a lot of ideas and a passion for business but ended up having a career in Administration support. Through her career when job hunting she found the recruitment process a chore it was the same thing all the time. However, she found a job at Rothschild and stayed there for 10 years working as a Junior assistant to a team assistant.  In 2016 She felt like she needed more and left her job without a plan, everyone thought she was crazy leaving good job without a job……

However, 1st January she set some goals for the end of the month one being to work in the volunteer sector she did this for 5 months. However, in those 5 months she joined a lot of recruitment agencies and the process was gruelling and deflating. A few more train trips later and ideas bouncing around with friends at Pret and of course a few catch up dinners, Phases Support was born….

Recruitment needs a revamp and the markets need a change, so why not start with how you hire your staff, her breaking point was when she was offered a job with a financial bank in Canary Wharf and the onboarding process took 2 months, it was all the going backwards and forwards with the agency to organise the interviews or for the vetting process. Why couldn’t it have been more straightforward? As a contractor/ freelancer she could have negotiated a rate with the client direct they could have met in the middle where she gets a bit extra and they pay a little less as there would have been no fees to the middle man, she would have taken her documents in for vetting on her first interview, this way the company would have had everything they needed before the second call back.  Simple process saves time and cost it’s a win win for everyone.

Phases Support was set up in 2017 with the help of her family and friends and with the idea of practicality, saving time and lowering cost for every organisation, and was launched in 2018 with the hope of bringing a change to the hiring process, making a new future for recruitment and keeping everyone smiling.