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Below is the industry standard vetting policy.

This policy will help both candidate and recruiter facilitate a much faster and efficient on boarding process.

We want to help both sides save time, we encourage our candidates to provide as much information as possible on there profiles.

The following applies to STANDARD screening roles perfect for Support staff roles!

Proof of Address

Proof of address must be provided for the past 3 years.
(Electoral register verification via credit checks is acceptable for time period it covers. If addresses are not on electoral register then speak to the hiring company and see what they will accept)

Employment / Academic History & References

Applicant to complete 2 Year Employment History & References
(Any gaps of 3 months or more require a satisfactory explanation and proof. (Travel documents, medical certificates, benefit statements etc). Reference details must be provided for every role in the past 2 years. Academic reference is acceptable.

Credit Check

This may not apply to every organisation. Check with the hiring company if a credit check is required they can do one with your permission.
(Overseas addresses may not need to be credit checked however that depends on the hiring com-pany)

CRB/DBS Checks

This may not apply to every organisation. Check with the hiring company or the job spec.
Candidates, if you already have this you can be proactive and upload your reference number on your profile.

Verification of Current / Last Employer

Evidence of current/last employer is required e.g. payslip, P45, P60, copy of con-tract. If unemployed, evidence of unemployment should be provided.

Right to Work in the UK

Applicant’s to provide a copy of their passport and if applicable, a copy of their VISA is also required.
If applicant doesn’t have a passport then a copy of their birth certificate and documentary proof of their National Insurance number may be sufficient this depends on the hiring company

Contractors and freelancers

you may be asked for the following documents
Certificate of Incorporation,
VAT Certificate,
PI Insurance Certificate (if this applies to you)

Most Document are usually certified by the hiring organisation so why not cut out the middle man and just pass them on directly...